Hrscanner is an online service for entrepreneurs and HR-managers for their staff assessment. Look through the candidates' tests and decide who is to be taken and who is exactly not.
5 different tests + online interviews.

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Save time

You save your time by immediately eliminating inadequate or accidental candidates.

More candidates

You increase up to 95% of the number of interviews held, because the candidate has invested his time in passing the tests.

Employee Analysis

Analyzing the tests of current and future employees, you identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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Two clicks and dozens of candidates are already being tested to get a chance to work in your team.

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The system includes:

Test Result
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Express assessment of the candidates’ effectiveness

20 questions

A new work place does not change candidates, so when selecting an employee, we are really interested in their prior results, effectiveness and ability to achieve goals. Our test of 20 questions allows you to quickly assess the effectiveness of the candidate and decide whether to invite a person for an interview.

Test Tools
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Evaluation of the applicant's personality according to 10 indicators

200 questions

There are no good or bad candidates, there are suitable and unsuitable ones. A large test of 200 questions will give you a whole picture of a candidate’s personality by 10 indicators. You will see which tools the candidate has for achieving their goals, and you will be able to make a decision on hiring more accurately.

Test Sales
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A universal test for the selection of effective sales managers

120 questions

The most common position which companies need to hire for is a sales manager. This universal test was developed specifically for their evaluation. It consists of 120 questions and takes about 25 minutes to complete. The results will show 12 indicators that allow to forecast whether the candidate is to be in compliance with the employer's expectations.

Test Regard
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The test for measuring employee involvement by 12 indicators

88 questions

Employers are often concerned about the employees involvement and how this indicator can positively affect the company's profits. This test was developed for the current staff to evaluate this important criterion. The test consists of 88 questions, which take about 9 minutes to complete. The results will show 12 indicators that allow to determine how much the employee is involved in the company's activities. Also, the test will help identify weaknesses in the organization that directly reduce the level of employee involvement. It is recommended to test employees every 3 months.

Test Logis
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A test for assessing candidates ability to think wisely and make decisions

80 questions

For the managing and other positions of particular importance to the company, for example, sole managers, it is not always enough to assess the productivity and personal qualities of candidates. It is intellect which plays a special role in making key decisions for the company. That is why we developed a universal test of 80 questions, which the applicant will need to complete for up to 30 minutes. As a result of the testing, we will get the candidate's numerical IQ coefficient and a transcript to it with the description and recommendation whether they are suitable for a job that requires making quick and error-free important decisions for the company or not.

Video Interviews
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Online system of automatic interviewing

With the video interview system, you can hold any number of interviews per day, saving your time without adjusting your location to the candidates schedule. Choose the questions you want to ask in advance, set the maximum response time and send your interview to any number of candidates in one click. Watch the ready video response from the candidate at any convenient time.

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